Ayahuasca ceremonies in Lima

Ayahuasca ceremonies

My AYAHUASCA ceremonies are held in my house SHAMAN WASI. It is located in Pachacamac, Lima, Peru. They are daily and are personally made by myself at nigth.

Coca leaf reading

It is the way to contact with an ancient andean oracle spirit to predict the future and settle down the anxiety of the people that appeal for a reliable answer.

Payment to the Pachamama Santa Tierra

It is a traditional andean ritual in honor to the Mother Earth where offerings are delivered so that wishes are fulfilled.


This is a born talent I practice since very young age. Today I attend people with bone dislocations,  fractures, muscle pains and others.


It is a shamanic ritual that consists of manipulating dark spiritual forces that people seek to do with all kinds of intentions.

The Shaman

My name is Jose a native shaman from Peru. I am a curandero and a bonesetter. Since very young age I’ve being curing people with different kinds of physical and spiritual illnesses, always following the ancient methods that great spirits taught me.

Shaman Wasi is an alternative healing house that means  “Casa del chamán”, where I do all my shamanism works. All are welcome.


E mail : sales@shamanwasi.com

Adress : Las Casuarinas de Pachacacamac Mz C1

Whatsap : +51 925 472 534

Welcome to Shaman Wasi

Shaman Wasi is the name of my retreat house meaning "Casa del chamán". All are welcome.

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